Welcome to MatzahOnline.com where we've been shipping Matzos online for 17 years and counting!

Here's some info:

We do our best to wrap up the box of Matzah and ship it safely and securely. Being that Matzah is so very fragile, we cannot guarantee that it won't break while being shipped.  We do our best, really.

So....what's the difference between all of the different types of Matzos?

1. Matzah baked in Israel - most popular Matzah.  Based on feedback, we can say that this Matzoh arrives in best shape.  It is also the least expensive of all options. We sell hundreds of pounds of this one!

2. Spelt Matzah - this box is under 1 lb. (all other boxes are 1 lb.) it contains 6 round Matzos.  It is baked in Brooklyn in the Pupa Tzeilim bakery from 100% Organic Spelt flour.

3. Wholewheat Matzah - also a best seller.  Baked in the Boro Park Matzah Bakery, it has a unique flavorful "oven taste." It's the real deal.

4. Matzah baked in Boro Park - regular, non-wholewheat Matzah, with the same unique flavorful "oven taste."

5. Oat Matzah - this Matzah is SPECIFICALLY made for those that cannot tolerate gluten.  It is an expensive matzah and comes 3 in a box. Our quantities are very limited.  This is made by Rabbi Kestenbaum, who started his bakery years ago for his child with celiac, and benefits so many today.  (Matzah tastes interesting)

Hope this explains some of the questions we usually get!